Abstract Oil Painting

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Abstract oil painting is nice in light of the fact that you can mix the oil painting as much as you need. Dry gradually. Have you ever made artistic creations in any way? All you need is abstract, so just start painting and incorporate your instincts to add whatever you want. Take good care of your brushes and your brushes will take great care of you.

Facts and benefits of abstract oil painting

All you need to paint is a couple of gadgets, a little guidance, and a dream on your mind.

Oil paints are one of the easiest and safest mediums to work with. It takes, for the most part, 2-3 days to dry and you have plenty of time to change or perfect your paint. In case you don’t care about something, wipe it off while the paint is still wet or apply another coat of paint when it’s dry.

Your instruments: canvas, palette, oil paints, brushes of different sizes, turpentine or linseed oil and a cloth

Fundamental guidelines:

Begin by outlining your drawing with a pencil. All paintings are controlled by basic shapes like circle, cylinder, cone, 3D shape and torus. Add color to your drawing. Blend your tones and apply them on your canvas. Mix shading evenly for smooth tonal movement. Level brushes are helpful for mixing. Avoid using round brushes for this reason. Paint light, subdued shades for a more genuine impact. Include compositions by varying your brush strokes. Long or short, specks or unpredictable lines, hard or delicate, use them as you prefer in your painting art.

What are the advantages of oil painting?

  • It is a simple way to work
  • In fact, it is the simplest. For this, most of the beginners opt for it. In addition, it is also easy to make corrections on the canvas when using oil.

  • Goes well with other colors
  • The oil mixes with the surrounding paint. Because of this, artists can perform various creative strokes and blends. You couldn’t do this if you use other types of paint.

  • Dries slowly
  • If you want to finish your work immediately, this may not be the right medium for you. But if a certain situation requires you to work for a long period of time, then this may be the one for you.

  • Can be left open for long periods of time
  • In fact, you can leave it exposed to the air for a couple of weeks without it drying out. If you want to make some changes or lead to better decisions, you will certainly enjoy this benefit.

  • Produces better results
  • This is another benefit of slow drying. Due to this trait, artists can work multiple times on paintings without worrying about the canvas drying easily.

These advantages are undeniably true and can help different artists to produce the desired results.

Application and supports

The flexibility of the oils means that they can be applied to substrates in many ways. In fact, you can use practically any implement to apply this type of paint to your support. In addition to brushes, you can very easily apply oil paint to supports with implements like a putty knife, or even finer implements like toothpicks for extra fine detail. You can apply oil paint to a variety of media; artists often choose canvases, specially prepared paper, a hardwood or metal board, or even paneling.


Oil painting has many advantages, which is why it has been the paint of choice for many artists over the years. The slow drying time allows painters much more time to get their paintings exactly the way they want them. Allow more time to apply different techniques, mix and layer. Oils provide a much wider range of colors, tones, and hues; once the oils have dried, their colors tend to last. When painting with oil, if you make a mistake, you can easily remove it with a damp cloth or putty knife and start over.