Digital Art Work

digital art

You must have heard about Digital Art for sure. But have you ever stopped to think about how it came about? How the classic and important all time painters help todays trends?

Digital Art and how it came about

Digital Art is the result of the creative process that uses digital resources, both for the elaboration of the work as well as the medium that is appreciated. Never before have so many artistic possibilities been created as with digital art.

This type of art is considered a segment of contemporary art, emerging as the digital age began to take over the world, between 1950 and 1970. The first plastic experiments made on computers were carried out by both artists and scientists as well. It was a matter of time for artists to understand how to use new technologies for their own creative production.

In 1967, two computer engineers translated a photograph into a graphic language. The result was the work “Nude”, which gained much prominence at the time.

In the 1980s, Andy Warhol, a leading figure in Pop Art, was hired to promote a computer of the time and produced a series of experiments in art using it.

Over time, techniques have evolved and this has further facilitated the expansion of new versions of digital art. Currently, digital art has advanced even in interactive techniques, inviting the viewer to be part of the work in some installations.

There are several ways to express this rising movement.

The main types of Digital Art are:

  • Illustration and digital design, which simulate traditional art in programs for tablet and computer;
  • Pixel Art, a technique that creates an image by manipulating pixels;
  • digital animation, allowing materials to be animated in bi or three-dimensional models and 3D modeling, which is the creation of sculptures and architectures digitally, leaving the work very similar to reality.

The results of digital art creations can be admired on the screens of computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions or notebooks, and this makes it extremely accessible.

To talk about virtual art is to explore ways to use the digital age to express yourself artistically. As technology continues to grow rapidly in contemporary society, Art uses it as a possible alternative to traditional means of creation.