The Most Popular Foods in the World

AI fish eating chips

Comparison is key when writing about food, helping readers grasp its flavor, texture, or aroma more readily as well as visualizing what the dining experience might be like.

Pizza reigns supreme as the world’s favorite cuisine, followed by ramen and burgers. Barbeque is also a global culinary phenomenon: from slow-cooked brisket to Jamaican jerk chicken and Australian shrimp on the barbie, barbecue stands as one of the ultimate culinary experiences.

1. Fish and Chips

One of the world’s favorite meals, fish and chips are an international sensation. This classic dinner includes crispy battered cod or haddock with golden French fries (French frites). First created in England, fish and chips can now be found worldwide with various variations; Australia boasts their ‘chippy’ while Dublin serves up their famous quesadillas which feature corn tortillas filled with Monterey Jack cheese and served up topped with salsa and fresh avocado slices – two incredible examples!

Fish and chips have long been an integral part of English culture; even during both World Wars, it remained one of the only meals not subject to rationing. Not only that, it’s an excellent source of protein and iron! No one knows who invented it first but there’s no denying their popularity today!

Chicken tops the list as the second dish that Americans love most. People eat more chicken than any other type of meat due to its affordability and versatility; chicken can be used in curries, soups and enchiladas alike! In fact, Americans consume approximately 8 billion lbs annually!

2. Crepes

Crepes are a global favorite, enjoyed everywhere from street food stalls to fine dining establishments. A versatile food, they can be served either savory or sweet and filled with anything from ham and cheese to Nutella for an irresistibly tasty treat!

France, where crepes first originated, observes an annual crepe day on February 2 known as le Jour des Crepes or Candlemas to enjoy them as part of a meal together with family. Crepes symbolize light and hope; according to some, flipping one with your thumb and index finger will bring good fortune in 2019.

Nearly every culture on Earth claims some type of pancake-like dish made with liquid batter on a flat surface, from Dutch poffertjes and Indian dosas, Russian blini, Japanese hirayachi, Chinese jianbing and American waffles to name just a few. Their origin can usually be traced back to one of two pipelines: Greek “tiganos” (“frying pan”) – which gave rise to thinner bread-like Western-style pancakes like Argentinian and South African panqueques as well as Mexican crepas; or Latin crispa which gave rise to both thinner folded-style crepes such as French crepes Mexican palapas and Turkish krep

Crepes are typically prepared by mixing eggs, milk, melted butter and wheat flour into batter. Once finished, they may be sweet or savory in taste and served with toppings such as creme fraiche, smoked salmon, cucumbers or strawberries for topping. In total there are two varieties of crepes; une crepe sucre (made of wheat flour and usually filled with something sweet); and un crepe salee (usually composed of buckwheat flour and consumed for lunch or dinner as a meal).

3. Tacos

Tacos are an iconic Mexican dish consisting of two or more tortillas wrapped around fillings such as meats, vegetables, fish, or cheeses. Additional toppings such as sauces, salsa, guacamole or lettuce may also be added for decoration. According to legend, tacos may have originated in Mexico long before European colonists came. According to legend, ancient Mexicans would fill corn tortillas with fish or cooked organs and fill them up like today’s taco. Modern tacos, as we know them today, are an amalgam of ancient Mexican recipes and international influences. You may stuff your taco with carne asada, chorizo or chicken; vegetables such as roasted onions or cabbage slices; tripita (crisply-fried cow intestines) or machaca (shredded beef).

Tacos have become immensely popular around the world due to its ease of preparation, affordability, and hunger-quenching satisfaction. Americans consume over eight billion chicken tacos annually – making them the third most consumed food. Chicken’s popularity may stem from being cheaper than other meats while being versatile and highly tasty; not forgetting being portable making it ideal for any quick meals on-the-go!

4. Khinkali

Khinkali is an iconic Georgian dish and fast becoming a global phenomenon. This traditional dish features meat filling as well as vegetarian alternatives for vegetarian eaters – making it popular street food as well.

Swollen, boiled dumplings with their distinct twist-toppeds are instantly recognizable, making them one of the nation’s favorite dishes and sources of national pride. Over centuries and through Soviet food regulations as well as challenges associated with independence they’ve endured to remain beloved dishes of national cuisine.

Khinkali originally consisted of lamb-stuffed pockets; however, as its popularity spread across urban areas and variations emerged. Now you can find variations filled with cheese (sulguni or chanakh), goose apokhti (a kind of sausage), potatoes or mushrooms; even versions featuring thyme have proven particularly popular among mountain populations.

Although pizza may be the most photographed food worldwide, ramen and burgers come close. Their popularity may stem from being easy and affordable ways of providing protein. Chicken is another highly-desirable food due to being inexpensive yet versatile enough for curries, soups, tacos and enchiladas with less fat content compared to red meat options.