2015 shows


feb 13th




artists incorporate their own blood in their art...







anne-julie aubry, faye osman, june leeloo, kelly anne dalton, laurie mcclave, mani price, megan buccere, natasha wescoat, nikki garcia poling, & sefora pons






march 6th




artists include hand-written letters with their art to let you know the personal meaning of their pieces...






adam abraham, cherie strong, flannery grace good, jeremiah ketner, june leeloo, jv calanoc, kelly anne dalton, mab graves, michaela sagatova, megan buccere, nikki garcia poling, simona candini, teri cusumano, & tiffany liu






march 20th





may 15th


black & blue


art featuring just 2 colors...


joshua roman, kelly ann dalton, lauren saxton, nikki garcia poling  & raul guerra




june 30th














amy sol, ania tomicka, adam abraham, anne julie aubry, audrey kawasaki, cherie strong, encarni diaz, ingrid tusell,  jeremiah ketner, julie filipenko, lea barozzi, mab graves, megan buccere, michaela sagatova, minasmoke, moss von faustenberg, nicolaus ferry hadinata & scott mackie







july 17th


vanessa foley





aug 21st


lauren saxton





sept 18th


may ann licudine





oct 24th


get the lead out VII 

pop-up show in san clemente, ca.
















anne julie aubry, brandi saxton, carly janine mazur, cherie strong, erica calardo, flick picasso, jeremiah ketner, johnie thornton, joshua roman, julie filipenko, kelly ann dalton, lisa kurt, luke chueh, mab graves, mia hollow, minasmoke, mj lindo, naoko stoop, nicolaus ferry hadinata, raul guerra, scott mackie, vanessa foley & more...                                                     





nov 20th


nicolaus ferry hadinata







dec 11th


simona candini






dec 18th


naoko stoop